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A quick canvas to use for brainstorming

Empathy — Pakikiramay

Modified Model for Behavior Change Part 2 of 2

In Part 1, I summarized the Stages of Behavior Change Framework for non-Communications majors. I suggest you read it here first.

The mirrored stairway model

The story of Mark can be not just about smoking. It can be about trying to study better, be a better spouse, or it can even be about getting into an ecosystem of products like Apple, Google.

Modified Model for Behavior Change Part 1 of 2

When we talk about changing our (or other people’s) behavior, we often say that it takes time. Changing is cannot be done in a snap. I agree. It can be difficult to stop doing something you’re used to. The inertia of habit is hard to go against. Meet it with an equal opposite force and you’re probably in for an accident.

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Messages that stick get pierced by our thorns.

Miggy with co-fellows of the HiFi Future Shapers Program

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