Tq Antiqueno

We’ve been in quarantine since March. How are you? During the first few weeks of the lockdown I said that my top priority at the moment is maintaining our family’s health. And while being on lockdown can make us feel like we can’t do anything else, this quote by artist Nabil Sabio Azadi reminds us that productivity is self-defined.

Photo by Ali Yahyaon Unsplash

The pandemic came at us like a tsunami: a massive wave we saw coming from afar that we cannot run away from. It broke an already weak system and made going to work difficult, if not impossible at least at the moment.

So what do we do? What can we do? We can, like fishermen, stay put and repair our nets. We fix our systems, our ways of working, our ways of living, and our ways of socialising. We fix our healths: physical, mental, emotional, and psychological. We fix and adapt to the new climate so that we can sail safely and with strength when it’s finally time to go out. The future demands strong people.

It’s the best time to fish after a storm.


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