The Mission is Not a Mask

Photo by Caleb Woodson Unsplash

“This job is a vocation.” “We need people who believe in what we believe.” “The mission will keep you moving forward.” We know these sentences all too well. We may have actually said something like it to one of our staff at some point. Or actually, we may have been at its receiving end! How did you feel when these were said to you? Do you feel the same now as you did then?

The mission is important, yes; but we should not hide behind it, use it as a crutch to compensate for our weaknesses, or worst use it to masks our truths.

These are my observations on some of the best organizations I worked with:

1) Their values are not just words on the walls but also their way of working with colleagues, and delivery to stakeholders.

2) Their operations work in harmony with their vision. This means their human resources are holistically healthy.

3) They communicate directly, clearly, and tactfully. Truth and politeness are co-equal.

In the Transformation Economy wherein people look for ways to be the best version of themselves, a company’s mission is more relevant than ever. However, a company’s mission is a shirt that needs a good, strong body. Equally important is how we execute, deliver, and sustain.


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Tq Antiqueno

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